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Video Monitoring

Now we can see what caused the alarm!

Monitoring stations were once blind to what was happening at the location of the incoming alarm. Advancements in Video Monitoring now allows the central station operator see what happens before, during and after the alarm is triggered. This technology is an affordable and powerful solution that has already helped apprehend criminals, save lives and reduce false alarms.

Video Verification - Municipalities across the country have adopted ordinances to address false alarms, and many have gone as far as to require verification prior to dispatching a patrol car. Central monitoring stations can now receive video clips of what happened before and after the alarm was triggered allowing operators to make quick, accurate assessments of the event.

Event Notification - Worried about employee theft? Receive email notification when your alarm system is armed and disarmed with video open/close reports. Now you'll always know who it was, whether anyone was with them and, if they carried anything away! You can monitor stock room supplies and the opening of a safe too.

Scheduled Virtual Visits - How's business? Find out anywhere and at anytime. Scheduled video tours of your business can be sent to you as often as you wish in a video email to your pc or even to your handheld pocket PC device.

Remote Video Storage - All you need is a computer and internet or cell phone. Log-in using online software to review live video or video stored on a remote secure server.

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