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SWARM Secure is a self-installed, security dealer supported, smart security system that comes with the peace of mind of 24/7 professional monitoring. The customer orders the system, the manufacturer ships the product, and you collect the RMR. The is no inventory to stock. No need to hire new employees as it is self installed. It is your entry to the hyper growth market. It is easy for the customer to install. Customer facing website and app are included. The system can grow with the customer's needs. We provide you the tools you need: trouble shooting software, Marketing and Sales Support, and SNapp access. Contact Dealer Relations at 800-932-3304, option 2 for more information on the requirements to become a SWARM Secure Authorized Reseller.


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SentryNet provides educational opportunities for dealers during the year all the country through in-person training as well as via live webinars and on-request classes.LEARN MORE  Learn More
Video Monitoring

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A Solution to False Alarms! Remote video systems transmit pre and post alarm images automatically directly to the central station - in other words, video alarm verification - a perfect solution to the costly false alarm problem.LEARN MORE  Learn More
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