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The Dealer Relations Team serves as the voice of the dealer. They facilitate your onboarding process when you become a new dealer with SentryNet and provide guidance on all of the tools we provide. Their cooperative efforts with the sales and marketing team provides you with the sales tools you need for your customers. In the rare event that a problem should arise they are your liaison to resolve or escalate customer service related issues. If you are just getting started, looking to expand, or planning to retire they are here to assist you through every aspect of your business life cycle.

The Dealer Technical Team is your first stop for technical assistance. This team has years of experience in the security industry and can help trouble shoot problems that occur.

Personalized Support

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SentryNet Dealers receive only the best when it comes to support. The SentryNet team is here to make doing business easy at every step in the process.LEARN MORE  Learn More
SWARM Secure

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SWARM Secure is a self-installed, security dealer supported, smart security system that comes with the peace of mind of 24/7 professional monitoring. LEARN MORE  Learn More
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