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Education is the key to a successful business. SentryNet is dedicated to your success and takes every opportunity to provide educational programs that are current and relevant in todays market.

We understand that you are busy so we provide:
• In-person classes hosted across the US
• SentryCon, an annual educational event
• Schedule personalized training online or in person
• Monthly webinars featuring products and services
• On-request online classes
• Access to Industry CEU providers
• Industry training calendar

SentyNet has their classes certified with licensing authorities when possible to provide CEU's that can be used to renew state licenses. If you can't find the training you need, reach out to Dealer Relations at 800-932-3304 option 2 for personalized one-on-one training.


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SentryNet provides educational opportunities for dealers during the year all the country through in-person training as well as via live webinars and on-request classes.LEARN MORE  Learn More
Video Monitoring

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A Solution to False Alarms! Remote video systems transmit pre and post alarm images automatically directly to the central station - in other words, video alarm verification - a perfect solution to the costly false alarm problem.LEARN MORE  Learn More
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