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Update on Uplink Service Issue

Uplink Technical Service Bulletin

Update on Uplink Service Issue
Remediation Process

Update as of 4:30 PM EST February 6, 2018

Dear valued customer:

Uplink recently experienced an issue with some, but not all, devices whose serial numbers begin with 100 and 101. The issue occurred as the result of a maintenance upgrade on January 25th. A certain type of SIM card in some of the devices experienced a data fault. Devices that have reported since January 26th are not affected and require no action. Devices not installed and working on January 25th are not affected. CDMA devices are not affected. If you believe you have one of the affected devices there are three possible remedies. The 100 and 101 SIM issue may be resolved by repairing the SIM, replacing the SIM or by replacing the device.

The SIM repair procedure
1.Obtain a new Uplink device with a serial number beginning with 577 or 588.
2.Remove the SIM card from the affected 100 or 101 device by sliding the SIM cover to the unlock open position.
3.Remove the 577 or 588 SIM from the new device and place it to the side as you will need to replace it later in that device.
4.Power down the affected 100 or 101 device.
5.Remove the 100 or 101 SIM from the affected device and place it in the new device then lock it in place.
6.Power up the new device for 120 seconds.
7.Power down the new device and remove the 100 or 101 SIM.
8.Place the original 100 or 101 SIM back into the affected device and lock it in place.
9.Power up the affected device and after 2 minutes that device should be functioning properly.
10.Send a test signal to confirm the device is working.
11.Remember to replace the 577 or 588 SIM in the new device to restore it to its original state.

Note: Devices should be powered down any time you are installing or removing the SIM card.

The SIM replacement procedure

Note, Only SIM cards provided by Uplink will work.
Each device series (4530 series, 4500 series, 4550 series) requires a device series specific SIM the SIM cards are not interchangeable between series.
1.Power down the device.
2.Slide the SIM holder to the unlock open position.
3.Remove the old SIM card and discard.
4.Place the new Uplink provided SIM card aligning the angled edge of the card with the matching indent in the holder.
5.Lock the SIM holder back in place.
6.Locate the serial number provided with the SIM card, it may be written on the SIM card or included as a list.
7.Cross out the old serial number on the Uplink device (found on a label on the green board and also on the outside of the enclosure).
8.Write the new number on the device, black sharpie works best.
9.Activate the SIM like it is a new device.

The device replacement procedure
1.Activate the new device.
2.Remove the affected device.
3.Deactivate the old device.
4.Install the new device.
5.Retain the old device.
6.Please retain the affected device until further communication.

We appreciate your patience while we continue to work to solve this issue.

Uplink Customer Support Team
888-987-5465 | |

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